PAWA Consulting  can provide extensive expertise in all aspects of purchasing and supply chain management,

We can help your organisation through: Reduced costs, skilled negotiation, improved efficiency & improved supplier performance.

We work with a range of organisations in the Technology industry from SMEs and start-ups to International Blue Chips, and from large Public Sector Agencies to Social Enterprises.

To all projects we bring our core values and belief in delivering a project that meets our clients’ requirements. Where appropriate, we will bring in additional resources to supplement our skills and knowledge. If we do not have the appropriate competencies we will direct clients to other known suppliers.

We help businesses and organisations to develop and grow in a number of ways. We work directly with companies to develop new markets, manage the supply chain, develop new products and ideas, train their staff and reduce their costs to attain sustainable competitive advantage.

Interested in our consultancy?

“PAWA Consulting helped us to launch our Improved Buying Seminars and Consultancy Service.  We put our toe in the water with little more than an idea and Paul turned it into a successful initiative with a range of repeat business”